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Language Translation Services

directDME’s language services are an affordable and effective answer to removing language barriers. We offer translation and interpretation solutions in over 200 languages. directDME provides healthcare-certified professional interpreters upon request. Certified interpreters are also available at no extra charge for depositions and court translations, where available.

directDME’s Language Translation Services offer a comprehensive program to address all language needs. Over 200 languages and dialects are available, from the more frequently requested languages like Spanish, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, to the less common such as Hakka, Tagalog, and Urdu. American sign language is available too.

  • Instantaneous telephonic interpretation
  • In-person and on-site interpretation available via appointment
  • Timely, accurate document translation of medical records, physician reports,  legal complaints and contracts

On-site Translation
Whether for a doctor’s visit, IME or any appointment, medical or otherwise, clear, concise communication is necessary for a successful outcome. We can assist with any translation needs by providing interpreters with the experience to assist the injured party through the system while remaining impartial to the situation. Our dependable service can alleviate the burden or worry of any barriers due to language differences.

Instantaneous Telephonic Translation
Clear and concise communication is crucial when there is an immediate need. With one call, you are directly connected to an interpreter who speaks the required language. Our interpretation hotline provides quality customer service including:

  • No charge for all calls under 3 minutes
  • No contact; no charge
  • Connect up to 4 people at no additional charge
  • Interpreters who are knowledgeable about the insurance industry

Document Translation
No job is too big or small. Regardless of the type of document—medical records, physicians’ reports, legal complaints, or contracts—we can provide language to language translation timely and effectively. Always with quality in mind, we certify all translations as accurate with timely turnaround. Standard delivery of the document is by encrypted email to ensure security and confidentiality.

A translator, fluent in the requested language, will arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment. Failure to deliver on this promise will result in no charge for the service. Any charge for a missed appointment as a result of failure to meet this promise will be paid by directDME.*

*Some restrictions apply.  For translation services, referrals must be requested no later than 48 hours prior to an appointment and must include a complete and accurate address and billing information.  The Service Promise is not applicable if our failure to respond is a result of severe weather conditions, natural disaster or civil unrest.