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directDME's Provider Network

directDME's provider network includes a vast selection of products and services for durable medical equipment, home and vehicle modifications, and hearing aids. As a member company and a preferred vendor for AIG, we offer an opportunity for our clients to directly benefit from our comprehensive, national network and for our participating providers to take advantage of the business available through our large client base.

The directDME network eliminates the administrative burden of our clients by offering a one-stop-shop for their durable medical equipment and ancillary medical services needs. We reduce the administrative burden of finding the appropriate supplier and delivering a quality service to their claimants. Realizing the importance of timely claims handling, our emphasis is on fast, reliable cost-effective services to policyholders, employers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) from any location throughout the country. With directDME, we guarantee it!

Participating in the directDME Network

directDME's experience in the medical industry and insurance market, enabled us to develop a specialized network of qualified providers with a focus on our clients' needs. We offer more than 20,000 products and services and continue to expand our network to accommodate our growing client base both geographically and with a vast selection of products. directDME services multiple lines of insurance with an emphasis on workers' compensation and provides access to a large market with added benefits unique in the market place.

The directDME Advantage

directDME lessens the administrative burden of our network providers by supplying only preauthorized orders on compensable claims. Since our providers are dealing with us as a single payer source rather than multiple insurance companies, our model reduces litigation, collections, liens and appeals allowing our suppliers to do what they do best - fill the order.

The medical equipment needs of policyholders and their claimants range from simple injuries to complex pain management treatments and catastrophic injuries. Requests can vary from wound care to custom bracing, all requiring quality products and prompt delivery. With ready access to adjusters, nurse case managers, occupational and physical therapists, physicians and medical directors, our customer service staff handles the administrative details of the order which includes:

  • Qualifying the claim as compensable and approved
  • Tracking down missing claim information
  • Obtaining prescriptions, as needed
  • Sending a complete purchase order for the required items
  • Paying promptly

For information on becoming a qualified network participant and joining our network, please contact our Provider Relations Department at 877-496-7461 or email us at