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Pricing Advantage

directDME has a unique pricing structure that positions us ahead of our competition.

  • Pricing consistent with state fee schedule or usual and customary levels
  • Successful rental program with all months applied to the purchase price
  • Effective cost containment programs and processes including:
    • Price Cap Program with pricing capped below fee schedule for many commonly used items
    • Product Substitution Program for select electrotherapy and wound care products
    • Price negotiation for out-of-network vendors
    • Cost avoidance through product assessment
    • Blocked savings from orders not accepted due to authorization process

Our pricing advantage provides significant benefits and measurable savings to our clients with cost efficient durable medical equipment options and expense management opportunities for their workers' compensation claims.

Process Advantage

directDME's service model is designed to assist our clients with their claims handling and improve claims management outcomes.

  • Adjuster's authorization obtained prior to purchase providing expense control upfront
  • Vendor liens for unauthorized products are greatly reduced
  • directDME monitors the order until delivery